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The Best Beauty Looks From The Met Gala—And How To Recreate Them This Summer

The Best Beauty Looks From The Met Gala—And How To Recreate Them This Summer

It's no secret that this year's Met Gala red carpet looks totally stunned, but we all need to take a minute to appreciate the fierce beauty looks that appeared on the carpet as well. From multicolored eye shadow to razor sharp cat eyes, here are some of my favorite looks that were not only awe-inspiring, but relatively easy to recreate and perfect for summer.

Priyanka Chopra

Makeup By Pati Dubroff

Priyanka Chopra absolutely slayed the red carpet at the Gala with her Ralph Lauren trench coat dress, but her makeup look also deserves a shout out. While most people would consider a smoky eye and a deep berry lip strictly a fall beauty combo, makeup artist Pati Dubroff transitioned the classic look to summer with the help of some silver shadow on the lids, minimal bronzer and blush, and bare lower lids. The silver brightened the eyes and made the smoky eye look lighter thanks to having less emphasis on the crease colors, and keeping the black eyeliner tight to the upper and lower lash lines helped to smoke out the look without closing off the eyes are making it look dark. Since the eyes were on the lighter side, the berry lip looked like a complimentary pop of color instead of an additional dark hue on the face, helped by the minimal bronzer and blush, as well as a dress that was entirely without color. 

This look is perfect for: a night out or a summer evening wedding where your outfit is more on the neutral side and you want the seductive look of a smoky eye without being weighed down by dark colors.

Orange is the new black. @prada @tiffanyandco #METBALL

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Lupita Nyong'o

Makeup By Nick Barose

Summer is the time for colorful shadows, and Lupita Nyong'o's red carpet style was all about color, from her bright orange gown by Prada to her multicolored eyeshadow by Nick Barose. Rainbow shadow is going to be all over Instagram this summer, thanks to the staying power of trends like unicorn beauty and mermaid beauty, but it is a look that can quickly go from glam to gross if not applied properly. What makes Nyong'o's look work is a combination of a few things: She didn't have much (if any) bronzer or blush on and the focus was instead on making her look glowy and fresh faced; Her lip color was neutral, staying with a your-lips-but-better pink-y brown instead of adding a brighter or unnatural color; The color stays on the top of the eyelid, instead of being also brought down the the lower lid, which can close the eyes off and make the look a bit chaotic; Her eyeliner and mascara look was minimal. The eyeliner was tight to the upper and lower lash line to make sure that her eyes don't look small and her mascara is natural looking and not too heavy, allowing the focus to be on the eyeshadow look entirely instead of the look sharing the spotlight with crazy liner and intense lashes.

This look is perfect for: musical festivals, parties, or any summer occasion where you want to play with some color instead of going for a classic or simple look.

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Emma Roberts

Makeup By Charlotte Tillbury

Celebrity makeup artist, founder of Charlotte Tillbury, and all around beauty guru Charlotte Tillbury is the mastermind behind Emma Roberts' ultra glam look. Putting the main emphasis on lashes and lips, Tillbury kept the bronzer light and instead used more blush and highlighter to shape the face, a huge trend this season, and kept the eyebrows light and feathery in order to keep all of the focus on the voluminous false lashes. It looks like she also created a smoky eye that was on the lighter side, using pinks instead of browns. She smoked out the lower lash line slightly with the pink-ish crease shade which is key—this helps to shape the eye and create a cat-like effect without having to go heavy on the liner. The pink-y brown lip color ties together the look by playing off of the eye shadow colors while still looking more natural.

This look is perfect for: attending a friends wedding or a party or dinner that is on the fancier side.

Taylor Hill

Makeup By Patrick Ta

Celebrity makeup artist and La Mer global ambassador Patrick Ta was the mastermind behind a few of the Met Gala's most buzzed about beauty looks, including this raspberry-colored smoky eye on Taylor Hill. Pink and light berry tones on the eyes are going to be huge this summer, and this particular look proves that it the style isn't just meant for women with dark eyes. Ta plays off of Hill's light blue eyes by using a dark berry shadow on the lid, which is then brought to the crease to help shape the eyes and blended out to meet the end of her eyebrows, making sure that the shadow is blended enough so that the color gradually fades. He then smoked out the lower lash line with the same color, making sure to bring the color down a little bit on the lower lid to play up the drama, but keeping it tight enough that the eye is still given shape. Black eyeliner on the upper lash line was kept tight, while the lower lash line was lined in either a white or light beige color to open the eyes. The lashes were soft and feathered, with more emphasis on curl and length than volume. A significant amount of highlighter was used on Hill's cheeks to shape the face in leu of blush, with a light amount of bronzer to carve out the cheeks. The lips were kept simple with a pale peach lipstick, making sure that all of the attention was on the eyeshadow.

This look is perfect for: a party or wedding where you are wearing something in the berry family and interested in taking your look to the next level.

Joan Smalls

Makeup By Patrick Ta

One of the biggest looks to come out of festival season this year is the faux lip ring, with celebs like Kim Kardashian and now Joan Smalls donning rings on the red carpet, but many beauty bloggers and Instagram stars are recreating the look with liner. The key to perfecting this look is the keep the lip color light and neutral, sticking to a your-lips-but-better shade, and then using a colored liquid liner to draw on a fake lower lip ring. Black, brown, maroon, blue, gold, and silver will look the most authentic, and some are even drawing on two or three rings to emulate Smalls' look and take the trend up a notch. Of course, you can use crazier, brighter colors if you are looking for something a bit edgier, too. But if authenticity is your end game, make sure to keep your bronzer, blush, and eyeshadow on the lighter side in order to keep the focus on the lip ring (as shown in the Instagram post on the right by beauty blogger Stephanie Ledda), but this is a trend where anything goes, so get creative! 

This look is perfect for: music festivals, summer parties, or pairing with your latest Coachella-inspired outfit.

Emily Ratajkowski

Makeup By Hung Vanngo

Last year's biggest summer makeup trend, blue and teal liner, is popular and universally flattering, so it is surely going to be seen a lot this season. Emily Ratajkowski's mermaid-inspired glam by celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo takes the summer staple and adds a bit more shimmer for the red carpet by adding a yellow-gold shadow to the lower lash line and smoking it out to the lower lid, which keeps the eyes looking larger and brighter, and using brown liner on the lower lash line instead of black. The eyelashes are kept feathered and long instead of focusing on volume, and the entire upper lid is kept neutral with little to no color in the crease, which is important to ensure that the teal cat eye can be the center of attention. The cat eye is stretches out the width of the eyebrows to elongate the eye, and the teal color is smoked out a bit on the lid so the color really pops against her brown eyes and the yellow-gold lower lash line color. Vanngo maintains the summer theme by keeping the highlighter light and using a decent amount of bronzer on the cheeks and forehead, blending the cheek bronzer out instead of creating a finely contoured line. Finally, the look is finished off with a bronze gloss, which helps to keep the whole look bright and fresh, where a matte lipstick would have weighed down the look.

This look is perfect for: playing up the color in your favorite summer maxi dress or wearing to a party that's a bit on the fancier side.

Looking through pics from last light like... 💋 #SelenaGomez #metgala #regram @hungvanngo

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Selena Gomez

Makeup By Hung Vanngo

Vanngo was all about summer colors on the red carpet this year and gave Selena Gomez a bright pink smoky eye to match her Coach dress. Similar to Taylor Hill's raspberry smoky eye, Vanngo's take on the summer's hottest trend was customized for Gomez's dark brown eyes, opting for bright pinks and a hint of red as opposed to Hill's pale pinks and purples. Vanngo also opted for minimal bronzer, no lower lash line color, and lashes that were long and feathered instead of heavy on volume, but his look and Ta's look differ in three ways. Vanngo added a tiny bit of pale pink blush to Gomez's cheeks, where Patrick Ta packed on the highlighter when it came to Hill's look. Hill's eyeshadow was entirely berry colored, where Gomez's shadow appears to have what looks like highlighter or a skin-colored shadow blended into the crease. Vanngo also decided on a neutral peach lip with more brown undertones, where as Ta gave Hill a lipstick that was brighter and matte. 

This look is perfect for: a wedding or a party where you are wearing only pale pink and are looking for your makeup look to be the pop of color your outfit needs.

The G in GiGi stands for GLOW ✨ makeup by @erinparsonsmakeup and @maybelline ✨

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Gigi Hadid

Makeup by Erin Parsons

While Gigi Hadid's makeup may not look all that creative from a distance, we can see from close up shots that she was rocking some serious graphic cat eye liner. Graphic liner is a trend that is loved by magazines, makeup artists, and Instagram stars alike, but can seem a bit to editorial for the average beauty novice to pull off. Not true! The key to mastering graphic liner is understanding that the liner is not only the edgiest part of your eye look, but it should be the loudest part of your entire face, so keep everything else toned down and on the neutral side. Celebrity makeup artist Erin Parsons accomplished this with Hadid's red carpet look by lightly using bronzer and highlighter, nixing the blush, feathering out the eyebrows and keeping them ultra light, and sticking with a natural looking matte lipstick. For the eyeshadow look, she keeps the lids neutral while blending a light mauve color into the crease and the lower lash line, as well as using a white or beige liner on the lower lash line to open the eyes. The eyelashes are kept curled and long, and the eyeliner starts out thick (but not too thick) on the lid, stretches out to meet the brow, and then moves towards the crease and a thin yet prominent line, allowing there to be noticeable gap between the liner on the upper lash line and the liner in the crease. As an extra step, Parsons smokes out the wing of the liner just a bit so that there isn't a sharp point at the end. 

This look is perfect for: a concert or a night out where you are looking to keep your makeup edgy and cool instead of soft and romantic. 

Candice Swanepoel

Makeup By Erin Parsons

It looks like Parsons was all about that intense eyeliner on the Met Gala red carpet, opting for an intense chunky black cat eye on Candice Swanepoel. Just like Hadid, Parsons kept the face minimal with just a bit of bronzer and a natural matte lip, only differing to add a bit more color and definition to Swanepoel's eyebrows. This look uses minimal eyeshadow, with just a little bit of crease color, maybe a shade or two darker than Swanepoel's natural color, to help define the eye. The eyeliner is pitch black and chunky, covering the whole lid but never going over the crease, and stretching out the length of her eyebrow. Parsons gave Swanepoel a cat eye so sharp, it could probably cut someone.

This look is perfect for: when you are going out and want to bring on the drama, preferably with a simpler dress to make the cat eye the focal point.

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Kendall Jenner

Makeup By Mary Phillips

It's safe to say that thanks to Kendall Jenner's barely there La Perla gown, not a lot of people were talking about her makeup look, and while it may not be that revolutionary, it is a great take on a classic summer style crafted by celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips. Since Jenner's dress was the talk of the town, Phillips opted for a lighter, French-inspired makeup look which allowed the fashion to steal the show. Light contouring, matte red lips, and a light brown daytime smoky eye completed the look, giving Jenner a fresh faced, glow-from-within look.

This look is perfect for: always. This look will go with absolutely anything.

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Bella Hadid

Makeup by Mary Phillips

Just like Parsons had a go-to red carpet look for the Met Gala, Phillips seemed to favor glam takes on classic looks between Kendall's light eyes and red lip and Bella Hadid's bronze smoky eye with matching bronze lip (which makes sense, considering her two subjects wore the most scandalous, show-stealing looks of the night). Phillips carved out Hadid's cheeks with bronzer and contoured the nose (or at least, this picture makes it look like her nose was definitely contoured), and kept the highlighter minimal to allow for a from within glow instead of an intense shimmer. The brows were kept dark but feathered, and the lips were a glossy dark brown. The eye look consisted of a shimmering nude shadow on the upper lid and a dark brown crease color smoked out to give a cat eye effect and kept away from the brow bone, and the lower lash line was sans color and instead used a white or beige liner to open the eye. Black eyeliner was kept tight to her upper lash line, and the lashes were kept long and curled instead of adding volume.

This look is perfect for: again, always. This is a super flattering look that goes with any occasion.


Unfortunately, I can't find who did Zendaya's Met Gala makeup, which is a shame because it is probably one of the best looks of the night. It was simple and flattering, and matched perfectly with her Dolce & Gabbana ballgown. Zendaya opted for a bronze glow with thick, volumized eyebrows to match her hair and gown, and a combination of brown and bronze on the eyelids, lightly smoked out to blur the edges but not enough to be a full on smoky eye. The brown and bronze was applied lightly to the lower lash line and smoked out, and it looks like a brown liner was used on her upper and lower lash lines. The lashes were neither long and curly nor volumized, instead more of a combination of the two, and the lips were a bright orange matte, and this combination allowed the entire face to become a part of the look, as opposed to some stars who opted for statement liner, lips, or eyes.

This look is perfect for: daytime, nighttime, casual, formal; this look can be worn with just about anything.

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