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I Refuse To Make Avocado Toast Without This One Unique Ingredient

I Refuse To Make Avocado Toast Without This One Unique Ingredient

There are many ways that I differ from millennial stereotypes: I've worked hard to increase my savings account, I think that kale is overrated, I don't understand how ugly clothing is in vogue right now, and I absolutely never take selfies (You'll see my Instagram is mostly pictures of plants right now). But there is one particular millennial stereotype that I 100% embrace, and that is that I am obsessed with avocado toast.  

Now, I don't just love it because of the hype around it (though it is nice that the hype has lead it avocado toast being featured on almost every breakfast menu in NYC). It features the creamy deliciousness of avocados, is both filling and healthy, and you can add whatever toppings you want, making your toast unique every time. No two restaurants in NYC make their toast the same way.

Most of the time, instead of ordering it at restaurants, I'm making it from home. I take a slice of whole wheat bread and toast it until it's lightly brown, and while it's toasting, I am cutting up half of an avocado and putting it into a bowl, where I'm adding red pepper flakes and salt. But not just any salt. I never make avocado toast without adding Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt from the San Francisco Salt Company.

Yes, you read that right. Truffle salt on avocado. A bold choice, I know.

I bought a small bag of the salt for $11 on Amazon after Nikki Phillippi, a popular YouTuber, featured it on her channel. I was so intrigued by the idea of truffle salt and curious about how it would taste, that at that point I wasn't even thinking about putting it on my avocado toast, I just wanted to try it. I didn't think to put it on my toast until the morning after the salt was delivered to my house, and I was making my usual toast and saw the bag of truffle salt sitting in front of me on the counter. I opened the bag, took a small pinch of salt, and sprinkled it on my avocado and red pepper flake mixture before mixing the ingredients a bit more and adding it to my toast. 

It. Was. Delicious.

At this point, anyone who isn't a fan of truffle or thinks that truffle is too powerful an ingredient is probably wondering how in the hell this tasted good at all. Well, the key was that I added a little bit. You could only taste the truffle a little bit with every bite, and there was a light truffle aroma coming from the toast, nothing overpowering that would burn your nostrils. Plus, it's probably also important to note that I don't just take my avocado, salt, and pepper mixture and slap it on toast. Before I add avocado, I spread a little bit of olive oil on my toast, then add my avocado mixture, and then top it with another sprinkle of red pepper flakes and some feta cheese. Because there are so many other flavors happening in the dish, the truffle becomes a team player instead of the stand out ingredient.

One thing I would note for any other truffle fans out there who want to get their hands on this salt: if you buy it in the bag like I did, make sure to store it in a Tupperware container after you open the bag, because the smell will go through the bag and into your kitchen. I don't mind it because it smells delicious, but just the simple fix of throwing the bag in a container will stop it. If you don't want to open a container and then a bag every time you want to use some truffle salt, I would say to try the glass salt shaker version. It's $2 more and the scent will most likely not leave the glass container.  Plus, it will fit right on your spice rack.

Truffle is a pretty polarizing ingredient, some people love it and some people cannot stand it. But if you like the taste and you want a little bit extra flavor added to your breakfast, pasta water, or anywhere else where you think a flavored salt could give your dish the extra flavor it needs, truffle salt is the ingredient for you.

Main Photo by Mariana Medvedeva on Unsplash

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